Fossil Fools

Mythbusting time!!

We hear lots of arguments from people who are unwilling to reject the Energy East project.  Here are some of the most common ones, debunked.

1. “Pipelines are a safer/ better option that transporting oil by rail.”

2. “You came here in a car, didn’t you?”

3. “I hope you’re willing to say goodbye to all those social programs that are subsidized by oil industry revenues!”

4. “The oilsands only accounts for a small fraction of the world’s CO2 emissions, so why should I care about what Canada is doing when other countries are far worse polluters?”

5.  “I would oppose this idea if there was any point to it, but the government will do what it likes.”  This comment is closely related to, “We definitely need to transition off fossil fuels, but the markets will take care of this in time.”


One thought on “Fossil Fools

  1. How about asking these people if they think its important for them to learn more and get the facts on the EE Project. I’m sure if they actually own property in the area or plan on raising a family here or want to cash in on their real estate investments some day, they will want to know how Trans Canada EE and pipelines in general will affect their investments …their life style and our Town’s main industry…Tourism!!!. Or maybe they will wait until someone else like our mayor does something brilliant like he did when the paper mill closed -like bring in a box store.


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