May 2014 Teach-In


On May 10, as part of Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities, a national day of action, people across Canada stepped up to defend our climate and communities by calling for a shift to a clean, local, and just energy future. Here in Kenora, we are hosted a free, public teach-in to help share much needed facts and information about oil pipelines and the energy sector in general, in Canada.

Our event sought to help people determine whether to support the Energy East pipeline project, or to oppose it and lobby for an alternative plan.  We provided information, hard facts, and a good explanation of why this project is on the table, and how it would fit into Canada’s larger energy picture.

About 75 people joined in this event, hearing from a series of leading experts from across Canada who joined us via Skype:

Dr. Thomas Homer Dixon, the CIGI Chair of Global Systems at the Balsillie School of International Affairs at the University of Waterloo, spoke about the economics that drive our national energy systems.

Mark Calzavara, Ontario regional organizer with the Council of Canadians, spoke about pipeline safety and the risks and impacts of spills on freshwater systems.

Adam Scott, Climate & Energy Program Manager with Environmental Defence Canada, talked about all the pipeline projects currently underway or proposed across Canada, and how these projects may impact Energy East and Kenora.

Christine Penner Polle, a Red Lake, ON resident who is also part of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby spoke about carbon mitigation strategies proposed by CCL, including implementing carbon fees.  Christine also shared some hopeful alternative energy solutions she and her husband Mark have been adopting in their own lives.


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